The Backstory

Heights Ironworks and Yale House are the restoration projects of L.A. Bezanis and Dr. Maria Gomez. We have lived in the Heights for nearly 20 years and raised four kids here. We are committed to preserving and extending the useful life of iconic, and yes, quirky, local structures in our area, which this project has been about. 


We purchased the property from our friends, the  Wells family, in 2013,  to save and repurpose the existing structures.We started by restoring the Carriage House then took on Yale House while permitting the Heights Ironworks restoration and redevelopment project. The Ironworks effort was particularly challenging; it required elevating the Carriage House to install new foundations and slab, first floor walls, bathrooms plus utilities. 

On our journey, we got help from and worked with many people and institutions associated with preserving the character of the Houston Heights, including late Bart Truxillo, Jonathan Smulian, Steph McDougal, the Texas Historical Commission, City of Houston, Department of Planning and Development.

We hope that when you cross the threshold of Yale House you’ll be able to reach back in time to Houston’s early days and at the Heights Ironworks, see how the Austro-Hungarian craftsman and entrepreneur Augustus Kuschany fashioned his high-ceilinged, tile block workshop in the inter-war period. 

201 W 15th Street

Houston, Texas


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